Harris and Erel Art is a London based online art gallery specializing in limited and open edition prints and original art of established rising artists from around the world. Lead by Seçil Erel, an internationally recognized artist, and Anthony Harris with years of experience at senior executive level managing large creative projects.

Combining 40 years of experience creating art and working with artists, we gather and support a unique community and share artworks with the world in return.


Seçil Erel | Managing Director, Artist & Co-Founder

Born independent, I have worked really hard to express myself; my work on colors, textures, and shapes is a true reflection of what I believe in: life unfolds in stages, art reveals to us our own mysteries in a transformative journey, a place where you can reach yourself. I love seeing the motivational creative process behind a piece of art, I thrive to move brilliant artists into the light and help unleash their creativity to show their true value to the world. Value of the message they carry, value of healing. Giving is receiving. This deep and genuine intention ignited the creation of Harris and Erel Art. Welcome…



Anthony Harris | Commercial Director & Co-Founder

Seeing a piece of beauty can be such an enlightening moment. Art sparks emotions and thoughts. This is why I believe it is so important to incorporate art into your life every day. I have experienced that for myself in numerous ways through my career, working with creatives and photographers. Working with artists and helping them be successful has been my natural home for years now, it’s how I want to make a positive impact on the world. Today at Harris and Erel Art we want to provide the platform to help artists achieve a virtuous circle so they can make a living from their art.



Why Art?

Science says art makes you happy, here at Harris and Erel Art, we like that! We passionately believe the sincerity of art as a universal language that has the power to change the world into a more positive and inclusive place.

Everyone needs art in their lives. It sparks emotions and thoughts. We carefully select our artists and search the world to bring you the best in new art whether it is abstract, contemporary, or even wearable. Behind every artwork is a story, a life experience, a meaning, a soul, and we want to make this visible to the world. We provide art to you with an open window onto the work of talented artists that we love, artists with stories that transcend cultural boundaries and beliefs, and we make it accessible to you in a way that is innovative and creative to decorate your home and have a presence in your living and working spaces.

Our drivers are; passion and curiosity, connection, and inclusivity. We have chosen to curate a minimal amount of artists to deeply nurture our relationship with them. We reinvest in our artists and wider community so that art can continue to be created in a virtuous cycle. The work you’ll find here is unique and exclusive to Harris and Erel Art, available as original works or as limited-edition prints, all signed by the artist in context. Each artist proposes a large array of expressions and work across a number of mediums: acrylics, fabrics, pastels and more! We invite you to not only look with your eyes but also with your heart. Browse our collection now!